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Umbraco Content Management System

We are specialized in implementing and customizing Umbraco Content Management Systems.
The Umbraco systems is a great user friendly tool which is developed using Microsoft Platform. We pioneer in integrating .Net based extensions as more and more companies implement Umbraco.

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Umbraco Content Management System

Tools and Technologies

The knowledge of diverse tools and technologies is the backbone of our organization. We expertize in latest technologies and use industrial standard tools to develop our software products.

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Tools and Technologies

WordPress Content Management System

Wordpress is a widely used and renowned Content Management System which comes with readily available tools for web marketing. Wordpress is based entirely on Open Source technology and are easily extendible using php.

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WordPress Content Management System

At Cubo Systems, we excel in delivering comprehensive IT solutions for industry forward thinkers.

Our expert consultants work closely with the clients to enhance ideas and craft creativity to their business goals. Our approach is cubic and takes many dimensions to meet the highest satisfaction of our customers. We contrive innovative ideas through carefully planned blueprints and use the highest standards to reward our trusting customers with the most unique experience. Not only do we maintain a flexible business ethic, we also respect clients evolving thoughts hence our foundation is built upon allowing late additions which is never too late.

Our unique IT/Business solutions are as a result of the extensive experience in the field and modelled around performance, productivity, efficiency, process acceleration, innovation in the purest form while carefully choosing technology to drive our customers to the top cost effectively. We value the diverse customer base from the UK, USA and Sri Lanka along with growing opportunities in EMEA, Asia and Australia.

Cubo Systems offer the best services for web designing, SEO and Content Management Systems in Sri Lanka, UK and USA. 

We provide specialized IT services to our customers followed by FREE and thorough evaluation of the business requirements. Our services are -

  • Website design and development using technologies such as Microsoft .Net, Java and PHP to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Content Management Systems implementation using Umbraco and Wordpress to deliver a modern business web presence to increase marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Specialized solutions such as CRM and other similar solutions to reduce operations cost and increase opportunities.

Our solutions are backed by RDBMS databases such as MySQL and SQL Server to provide that rock solid backbone our customers require.

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Tools & Technology used


We use the latest technology to craft our solutions. Whether it be a restricted platform or a open and a flexible environment, we will carefully design and suggest as per the customer's requirement.

Technology Used
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  • Range software solutionWe develop wide range software solution to suit our client’s environment and requirements.

    Our team will work with our clients study and walk them through the process to design and develop the ideal solution.
  • Knowledge of tools and technologiesThe knowledge of tools and technologies are the backbone of our organization. We expertise in latest technologies and use industrial standard tools to construct our software products.
  • Software methodologiesOur software and solutions are built upon software methodologies such as SSADM, RUP and Agile software methodologies.
  • Domain knowledgeOur expert certified team are from different backgrounds, contributing their domain knowledge to work with our clients to produce best results.
    We constantly learn new trends to solidify our client's success.



Our clients are important to us, as they make us proud and give us the confidence in what we do. We work with our clients as one tightly integrated team. As a result we have been able to grow with them and expand our services to different domains

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